REAL WORLD consumption measurement for better fuel EFFICIENCY

Uniflowmaster system used by trucks, cars, buses, boats and engines manufacturers for analyzing in real world environment all type of engineering changes and products for improving fuel efficiency is now available for a competitive investment.


Because CanBus (ECM, ECU) consumption information does no not have the accuracy capable of demonstrating small but significant fuel improvement features, OEM’s and their suppliers are relying for years on AIC Portable Electronic Fuel Flow Meter Measuring systems to collect data and create fuel consumption charts.


 Second by second  recording showing detailed fuel consumption.

 Slice and use results as required, thus saving time and money.

 Measures only consumed fuel flow.

 Better than 1% o.r accuracy from low to high consumption flow Rate.

 Better than 0.2% o.r repeatability.

 Same device for on board or laboratory (dynamometer) testing.

 Systems for engines up to 32,000 HP

 Economical single measurement cell.

WHY are OEM's measuring consumption with UNIFLOWMASTER



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