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Fuel saving and monitoring solutions

Vehicle efficiency improvement thru engineering changes

Successful engineering changes when improving vehicle fuel consumption efficiency are only possible with the full knowledge of what are the best fuel savings improvement features available on the market. Having accurate consumption  information for making the right decision is therefore critical. With the AIC fuel consumption meters fuel consumption data are collected with a better than 1% accuracy and used to gain the knowledge for purchasing the correct fuel saving equipment. AIC meters are cost competitive and therefore often permanently mounted on vehicles. Collecting the fuel consumption data in day to day situations is the best and most effective way to test almost any fuel saving product available on the market place such as tire, oil, wind deflector, trucks and many more.


Operator efficiency improvement


AIC meters generate high pulse rate per gallon of fuel consumed and thus can be used to provide instantaneous MPG feed back. This gives operators a very effective and accurate tool for improving efficiency. It is like having a permanent trainer on board for a fraction of the cost. And with a better than 1% accuracy of the consumed fuel information you can be sure that your operators are provided with the best possible tool.

Best of both worlds: Combine AIC with a driving style monitoring system

When installing an AIC fuel monitoring system together with a B-track driving style monitoring system you are choosing the most efficient solution. The accurate fuel consumption data collected with the AIC meter can be used for implementing the most optimum fuel saving engineering changes and finding the optimal efficiency thresholds for each of your vehicle. The B-track driving style monitoring system with its web based detailed reporting tool for vehicles and drivers efficiency can be used for a continuous fleet and drivers improvement program resulting in long term and regular fuel costs savings


Issue with fuel slippage?

The AIC meters can be supply with a international recognized certificate. This your insurance that the consumption readings will always be better than 1% in the applicable flow range. Only this kind of accuracy from idle to full throttle consumption flow provides the accurate picture required for an effective fuel slippage management.

Resolve fuel theft

It is easy to know what goes into the tank, but if you are questioning what goes to the engine the installation of an AIC fuel monitoring cell will help you getting the right picture.


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