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Fuel consumption testing solutions


For the last 28 years, AIC meters have been used world wide in more than a million testing applications:

Exceptional Accuracy:

Better than 1% accuracy reading of the consumed fuel.

Reliable Repeatability:

0.2% o.r

International certificate:

Upon request the measurement cell accuracy can be tested according to the ISO / IEC 17025 standard and a test certificate issued.

Rugged construction:

same testing device can be used on either test benches or in the field. If necessary the device can remain on the vehicle for weeks or months and collect accurate "real world" fuel consumption data.

Various fuel possible:

Diesel, gas, bio fuels, ethanol, marine gas oil (MGO), Marine Diesel oil (MDO), intermediate fuel oil (IFO), Medium Fuel Oil (MFO) and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)

Wide engine power range:

From 30 to 32,000 HP

Wide fuel flow rate:

1/8 to 2,400 GPH - 0.5 to 9,000 LPH

Direct measurement:

Regardless of the volume of fuel fed to the engine our solution measures only the consumed fuel. This advanced technological solution provides superior accuracy.

Competitive cost:

The direct measurement solution requires only the installation of on measurement cell.

Short installation time:

Only one measurement cell to install.

Do you have a need in one of the following testing application...?


Heavy trucks




Tires (fuel economy)


Farming equipment

Construction equipment

Oils (fuel economy)

Wind deflector (fuel economy)



Driving school

Light commercial vehicle




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